​​​​The Watchdog Philosophy

     We understand how important your pets are to you because we feel that each of our own pets is an irreplaceable member of our family. They watch over us, they protect us physically and spiritually. They are pieces of our hearts that we leave at home every time we must be elsewhere making a living or attending to the functions of human life. 

​     We are pet-parents to both pedigreed purebreds and mixed breeds, most of whom have been rescued. Each one is unique in personality, capacity, and needs. Each one deserves our respect and love because each one offers a unique contribution to our home. So we know some pets are shy, some are alphas, some are grumpy, some are bouncy, some are stubborn, some are needy. Love, it seems, sometimes needs special care in feeding, handling, medications, or human attention. And that's okay with us!

​     We believe that every animal deserves the best quality care and individual treatment in return for the enormous positive benefits they bestow on us. Because this is our philosophy, we care about the lives of animal companions everywhere. Pets make the world a better place, and they make their people better humans. There is no higher mark for a human being than to show unconditional kindness to the creatures around us. 

Watchdog Canine Boarding & Pet Sitting

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