Watchdog Canine Boarding & Pet Sitting

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At Watchdog, our mission is to provide the best environment for our canine friends. All breeds with all needs and all dispositions are welcome here. And we try to keep our policies simple. Here’s our list of rules and recommendations. If you don’t find what you need, feel free to call, text, or email your questions.

At check-in you’ll be asked to complete a form (our Boarding Contract) with the following information:
1.       Pet description
2.       Regular veterinary clinic
3.       Owner contact information
4.       Permission for your dog to play with other sociable dogs
5.       Emergency contact information
6.       Pet vaccination and general medical history
7.       Preferred feeding arrangement
8.       Temperament/Behavioral details

This information records your preferences, gives us insight into your dog’s personality and behavior, and can assist us in determining whether they’re acting in a manner indicating distress under various conditions.

We play as much as possible. Play doesn’t need a schedule. We clean up in the morning before breakfast, in the evening after supper, and whenever else it becomes necessary. It’s as simple as that! If your dog happens to have specific preferences, let us know and we will accommodate their needs.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES (excerpted from our Boarding Contract):
"In the event of an emergency, I give Watchdog staff permission to seek or administer medical care according to the following protocol. Staff will determine, using their best judgment, whether unusual or sudden injuries or symptoms warrant veterinary intervention. The dog’s regular veterinarian will be consulted if feasible given the severity of the situation and the location of the clinic. Otherwise, the closest clinic will be consulted. If time and situation severity warrant, the owner will be contacted before medical intervention is engaged. The advice of the veterinarian will determine whether the dog returns to Watchdog’s premises following medical treatment or remains in the care of the clinic. Observations of the dog’s symptoms preceding and following emergency care will be noted and retained in the client file. All emergency medical and transportation charges may be added to the boarding invoice, and will be payable upon picking up the dog from Watchdog. If there remains a balance due at the veterinary clinic I, the dog owner, take full responsibility for its payment."

Food is included in the boarding rate. If you want to bring your dog’s food with him/her/them, feel free. It’s all about whatever you feel is best for your dog’s unique personality. We are more than glad to feed them what we feed our own pack—non-byproduct brands dry, twice per day. We keep novel protein flavors (lamb, salmon, whitefish, etc.) in stock for those with allergies to traditional proteins.

HOURS: Drop-off & Pick-up
Our normal business hours are 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM. We highly encourage clients to call or text before arriving, and/or to schedule a time for dropping off or picking up their dog(s). Because we live on-site and can offer extended business hours, notifying of us your expected arrival time allows us to make your experience as convenient as possible.

Note: We try our best to be available for pet owners experiencing emergencies. If something dreadful happens outside of business hours that requires you to board your dog, call us! 

HOURS: Office
If you come to our facility you will find our entrance gate closed and locked. We keep it locked all the time for your dog's security. That doesn’t mean the kennel is closed or that we’re unavailable.

 HOURS: Transport Limousine

We recommend advance reservations for the limo service in order to maximize availability. If you're interested in having your dog picked up or brought home in the limousine, call ahead to ensure availability!

Feel free to bring any of your dogs’ favorite toys, bedding, blankets, etc. from home. We want them to be as comfortable as possible with us, and only you and your dog know what their favorites are. Home items will be noted at check-in so we can make sure they are all returned to you. 

Medication administration and documentation is included in the boarding rate. Medications must be provided by the owner. Please bring prescription medications in their original prescription bottles, and make sure that enough medication is available to cover the length of your dog’s stay. You will be asked for detailed instructions as to your dog’s needs and preferences in taking their meds.

We do not accept debit or credit cards--only cash and checks. If your dog(s) won’t be with us for more than a few days, you can just pay when you pick them up. For reservations of more than a week it’s best to pay at check-in for your reserved time. If there is an additional balance or credit due, we will settle it when you pick up your friend(s). Your total amount due will be calculated by the day and hour, and then adjusted for applicable discounts and any transport or medical expenses incurred on your dog's behalf. Please note that transport and medical expenditures NEED NOT be authorized by you, the owner, in EMERGENCY situations. Refer to our Boarding page, Boarding Contract, or the Emergency Procedures section above for more details.


You will be asked to retrieve your dog if he/she puts our staff or other dogs at risk of harm. We make every attempt to work safely with dogs of all temperaments and dispositions, but once in a while a dog comes along who refuses to be handled or cared for. Per our contract terms, we promise your dog quality care. If your dog makes this an impossibility, it will be your responsibility to remove him/her from our premises. This rare event will not preclude your financial obligation to pay for time boarded and expenses incurred on your dog's behalf.

Watchdog Pet Sitters is licensed as a boarding facility by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Our license is #11247.

We offer daily updates by phone call, text/video message, or email. This is a free courtesy for our clients. Please let us know at check-in if you have preferences regarding receiving updates. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We can board, pet-sit, and transport dogs of any age. We encourage all pets to have the full round of age-appropriate vaccinations recommended by veterinarians, but only the rabies and bordetella shots are required to board with Watchdog. By law we are required to keep
 receipt of vaccinations on file for each dog for one year following their departure from Watchdog. We can copy your records here, you can bring a copy when you check in, or you can email them before check-in. Vaccination records should be obtained through your regular veterinary clinic.