Dog Hotel

Welcome to Watchdog Canine Boarding and Pet Sitting in State Road, NC. We're glad you're here! We believe that our canine friends deserve the very best in comfort, love, and security, and we understand that you demand reliability and competence from your pet care specialists. We also know that none of those criterion change when you have to be away. That's why Watchdog is the place for your dogs to be when they can't be with you. Watchdog loves dogs of all breeds with all needs and dispositions! We thank you for the consideration you show your animals!

Watchdog Canine Boarding & Pet Sitting

State Road, NC​          336-467-3030

The safety of your dogs is our first priority. Sure, we get all mushy over their adorable faces and ultra-cute behaviors. In fact, the white ears you see at the bottom right belong to one of our own dogs, whose nickname is "Sunshine Doll-face Angel." If we had to board Sunshine, we'd be in a very difficult position. She's a grumpy girl and we are very overprotective, anxious dog-parents. So first off, MOST  kennels wouldn't accept her disposition, and secondly, MOST  kennels wouldn't meet our incredibly high standards. We want our fur-babies to be supervised and safe 24/7, PLUS we want to know how they're doing so we can relax while on vacation or focus while​ at work. ​

Accordingly, in keeping with our standards:

1. We live here; we do NOT leave your dogs at 5:00 PM, caged and alone, only to return at 7:00 the next morning.

​2. You can feel free to request text, picture, or video message updates so you know your dogs are safe and well.

​3. Contact between dogs in our care is strictly limited to prevent fighting and accidents. Contact with other dogs is at the sole discretion of the owner(s). Each dog will receive ample exercise and playtime individually to ensure their stay is fun and comfortable.

​4. Because we don't lump a bunch of dogs into one big play area and assume they'll all just "get along," we can board dogs with any disposition, personality, or special medical needs.

​5. We are located three miles from an excellent animal hospital so you'll have no worries in the event of an emergency.

​6. If your particular circumstances require unusual scheduling we will try to accommodate your needs. We understand it's all about the quality of life you can offer your pets, and we want to be your partner in that endeavor.